Stolen Property and Silver Linings

Over the weekend, we discovered an incident that left us feeling sucker punched: the trailer for our Get Your Fix! spay/neuter program was stolen.

ARLP's double-locked trailer contained all of our GYF materials: from tents and cones to microchips and vaccination supplies. Unfortunately, despite working together with local authorities and the property management company to reclaim it, there is little hope for its recovery.

This is a huge loss for a small nonprofit like ARLP, which runs on little more than the tireless work of our volunteers and the small group of big-hearted, generous supporters who toss spare dollars toward us whenever they can.

Our feelings of loss go beyond the physical 'stuff'. Not only have the individual(s) responsible caused great harm to an important community program, but worse: they have deeply violated a group of people who mean the world to us: YOU.

You see, when Get Your Fix! was just beginning, when it was small and not yet polished but every bit as full of heart as it is today -- and when local animal control facilities were forced to euthanize hundreds upon hundreds of homeless pit bulls each year due to shelter crowding and overpopulation -- you believed in us. You saw the work that needed to be done, and you helped us do it.

Because of the way you uplifted our program with your donations, encouragement, and help getting the word out, GYF has held 16 fairs and many more followup events, resulting in almost 1,000 pit bull spays/neuters plus twice as many vaccinations and microchips in only 4 years. All of this was provided at no/low cost to the local community. GYF has made a huge difference in overpopulation at our local shelters -- as the supervisor of St. Paul Animal Control said last year, GYF is preventing "friendly, healthy dogs [from being] euthanized without cause."

If there is a silver lining to be found within this week's setback, it's the fact ARLP's supporters have always been there for us with grace, generosity, and an outpouring of help for local animals in need.

If you've ever thought about donating to ARLP or Get Your Fix!, now is the time. We've leaned on you in the past to make GYF the stunning success it has been over the past 4 years; now, we come to you again with humility and gratitude, and the confidence that it is you who will help build us back up.
That's what this community is all about - lifting each other up. And you can bet we will pay it forward to the local community of pit bull and Rottweiler owners who have come to depend on and trust Get Your Fix to lift them up, too.

Our first 2015 GYF fair is right around the corner and we need your support now more than ever to ensure that Get Your Fix can continue to make a difference in our community.

You can contribute here.

Not in a position to donate? We would appreciate any help you could offer in spreading the word about ARLP and Get Your Fix. 

Additionally, if you are able to put us in contact with anyone from the media who might be interested in helping us spread the word about this incident (which could lead to information that could help recover our trailer), please email

In the mean time, we are doing everything we can to minimize the effects of this event on the services we provide to the community. Follow us on Facebook, visit our website, and check out this GYF video to learn more about the ways in which we, together with your support, create a better world for pit bulls and Rottweilers.


One thought on “Stolen Property and Silver Linings

  1. Jim Dvorak

    Hello, I just saw your story describing your loss, it is a loss for many. I am sorry for you and I want to help, I have an enclosed trailer that I would let you use if you like, it is a double axle however. I am located in Mpls and I have a business. We at times need the trailer but we could work with you and arrange around a schedule with you. Let me know your thoughts.
    Thanks for doing such a good Samaritan work.

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