Lucy’s One-Year Update

At ARLP, we know it takes a village to not only match the right dog with the right forever home, but to provide ample support after the adoption takes place to ensure that each 'match made in heaven' lasts a lifetime. The hard work of our volunteers that goes into our adoption process is SO worth it when we receive emails like this one from Tom and Kerry:

Dear ARLP,

Today is the 1-year anniversary of us adopting Lucy from ARLP (her gotcha-versary?). We wanted to send a thank you for matching us with such a great dog. Rachel, who generously spent time with us to determine if another available dog was the right fit and, months later, responded that they'd heard about a dog that might be The One (she was the one!).

Lucy gotcha day

Susan and Amy, who took Lucy in as your first foster, gave lots of loving and care for her crooked hips, and still managed to let her go. And have continued to share the occasional play date with their own dog, Beau.

Laural, who coordinated us meeting Lucy, offered expertise and reassurance, and who we look forward to seeing on Pack Walks.


Jen, who provided tons of guidance through multiple Rott n' Pit Ed classes, not to mention visits to our house to help us work with Lucy's challenges at home.

We are such better dog owners, breed ambassadors, and advocates for ARLP because of each of you.

Thank you! Keep being awesome:)

Tom and Kerry



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