Helping our North Minneapolis Neighbors “Get Their Fix!”


A Rotta Love Plus will be undertaking an exciting new endeavor in 2011.  This summer we will be holding a series of spay/neuter/vaccination clinics.  Our first Get Your Fix! fair will take place in June in North Minneapolis, where our inner-city friends are big on pit bull love, but often low on resources and owner support.

We’ve already received numerous donations toward this cause – to the tune of $2,500!  As you can imagine, we’re over the moon, since this will allow us to spay and neuter 20 dogs and provide vaccinations to about 150 Rottweilers and pit bulls at our first event.  As always, your continued support will allow us to do even more.

Here are the best ways you can help us maximize our impact with this innovative program:

  • Send a few sturdy collars and/or leashes our way (our top picks are available on our Amazon Wish List and ship straight to us).  High-quality, robust collars (flat buckle or martingale style) and leashes reduce the number of runaways that end up being picked up as strays by Animal Control, and having a sturdy leash/collar set instead of a thick chain around the neck prevents the kind of negative headlines that damage the reputation of our cherished breeds.  Our goal is to exchange at least 100 undependable leash/collar sets with 100 reliable ones.  For under $10 a pop, you can make a great investment toward protecting family pets as well as the future of our breeds.
  • For the clinic attendees that are not able to make it onto our “day of” spay/neuter list, we would like to have a handful of spay and neuter vouchers to allocate for their use at a later date.  Help us make this a reality by visiting our Razoo page – your $50 donation will provide one voucher – the equivalent to saving the lives of about 53 dogs that would otherwise be born in unwanted litters.  That is HUGE!
  • You can also use our Razoo page to donate a microchip ($7 each) and/or vaccination ($5 for rabies/$3 for DHPP).

The Get Your Fix! campaign will enable us to reduce the number of homeless and abandoned pets in our community.  Spaying and neutering is the best – indeed the only – way to proactively alleviate overpopulation.  In addition, these events will give ARLP the opportunity to get acquainted with the challenges faced by our northside neighbors while helping them make good decisions for their pets.  We will target those who need our help the most, who want to do the right thing by their pets but cannot afford to do so.

Enormous thanks go out to our die-hard ARLP volunteers and the generous donors who have already contributed funds and ideas to this important project.  We are so appreciative of the wonderful supporters of ARLP that keep us and our four-legged friends smiling day after day.



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