Pit Bulls and Rottweiler Invade Girl Scout Camp!!!

Jazmin givin a "Pleased to meet you" paw-shake

Fifth-grade Girl Scout Junior Troop 52445 from Randolph Heights Elementary in St. Paul hosted an event, “Animal Antics,” on Sunday, February 27 from 2-4 pm.  The Junior Troop partnered with local pit bull and Rottweiler rescue, A Rotta Love Plus, whose facilitators educated event attendees about dog safety.

The event was aimed at area Brownie Girl Scouts (grades K-3).  Event organizers expected approximately 200 Brownies to attend.  The dog safety portion of the event consisted of twelve, 20-minute presentations that included basic tactics for how to stay safe around both familiar and stray dogs.  This innovative, interactive program also touched on empathy, dog body language, animal rescue, and responsible ownership.  The presentations were delivered by volunteers from A Rotta Love Plus who were accompanied by their therapy-registered pit bulls.

A big thank you to all the dogs and volunteers who made this a wonderful and successful event!

Kellie D.



Jennifer & Jazmine

Michelle & Wesley

John & Lulu

Laurie & Brock

Amy & Rex

Full press release can be viewed and downloaded here:


A savvy Scout shows off her animal badges


One thought on “Pit Bulls and Rottweiler Invade Girl Scout Camp!!!

  1. Mikayla Cook

    I remember doing this as part of Troop 52445. In fact, I am still part of troop 52445 & in middle school now as a cadet in Girl Scouts! =) This was actually really fun to do & I remember a lot from this. Dog safety is necessary. I know this since when I was five, I hugged a cocker spaniel & was bit by it below my eye. But now I am not afraid of dogs even though I was bit.

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