A Rotta Love to Go Around!

Here's a tribute to some of our favorite folks,
We're counting our blessings and your name's been evoked.
We're taking a pause,
For a round of applause,
To give all your egos a stroke.

Our dear animal control: BAC, SPAC, and MACC,
It means so much that you’ve got our back!
Few could endure your thankless trials,
Your payment comes in pit bull smiles.

Georgie Smile
(Luna, adopted January 2010, former MACC resident)

And let’s give a hand to our beloved dog docs,
Camden and Blackberry, you guys simply ROCK!
From their heads to their knees,
(And those pesky allergies),
You carefully tend to our fine furry flock.

Albert Smile
(Albert, adopted in April 2010 after successfully being treated for Parvo)

To the artists that make our dogs look our best,
You are deserving of an ARLP love fest!
Thanks to Sarah, Tara, Bill, and more,
Your talents make our dogs even easier to adore.

To the Humane Society in the Valley so Golden,

For your low-cost spays and neuters we're completely beholden!
Bailee smile
(Bailee, currently available for adoption. Photo by Laura M.)

Last but not least, a shout out to PetSmart.
Adoption days, donations!  You’ve got so much heart.
They say it takes a village for a child to be raised,

But it takes just as many to give hope to our strays.

An end to their strife,
A much better life,
We hope you'll accept our sincerest of praise.

And just in case our poetry doesn’t suffice, here’s a few words of gratitude that we think you’ll find nice.

(Testimonials from ARLP volunteers, fosters, and adopters):

“I went to SPAC once to help out with Bishop, whom the staff there clearly loved. I can't imagine the tough job the people there have, caring for dogs who they will likely also help send to the rainbow bridge. What a tough, thankless job, and I am so glad they do what they do.”

“I cannot say enough about Dr. Rahimi and all her staff at Blackberry. They've been great with all my fosters. I know several folks here on the forum continue to use Blackberry as their vet for their pets after adoption, which is yet another testament to how wonderful the group has been to us as a rescue, and to us as clients.”

“Petsmart welcomes us with open arms and lots of treats, every time we're there. If only the staff could adopt every foster they skritch and hug...we wouldn't have any dogs left in the program!”

“Plymouth PetSmart has always been very good to us. Their employees have told me many times they love when our group visits. They go out of their way to offer us various food donations etc. On one trip they asked if we wanted some food to which we replied yes and the next they had had a forklift bringing up a pallet of food that filled the back of Amy’s truck.”

“Tara Engle – what a talented photographer. She was so incredibly patient taking our Education photos. Big Boy was a little shy about all the attention, and she tried and tried to get his ears up. Pearla was so intent on loving Tara, she banged right into the lens which in turn banged the camera into Tara's face...her husband said it was the second banging of the day, but Tara completely dismissed the pain, saying she got the shot she was seeking and it was well worth it!”

Over a year ago, Camden Pet Hospital took in Yuma, who would have been put down in some other places because they do not have the capacity to deal with the mange he had. They also took care of his cut foot and happy tail. They gave him a chance that he might not have gotten otherwise and we are eternally grateful!”


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