Pearla be Waitin’ People….

Like Winston, Pearla is looking for her forever home. She's a little older than Winnie, getting closer to four than three--I can't believe she's been in my home for four months already! It's sure been an active time--getting her all spit-shined with proper manners and basic obedience--but four months? Really?

Let's see, what have we done:

Potty Trained  
Basic Obedience  
Canine Good Citizen Class  
Passed the Canine Good Citizen test  
Passed the Therapy Dog test

Represented ARLP at the Deviant Art Show  
Suffered through many photo shoots while I learn how to use a camera  
Attended various Adoption Days  
Attending Trick Training - coming soon!!

Soon Pearla will be participating in the ARLP Education programs, helping kids of all ages learn about dog safety, compassion, and fun doggy facts. I can't wait to get started! Unless, of course, her forever home finds her first. Pearla is so people oriented, she has a hard time deciding who to lick first, when presented with multiple options. And in her enthusiasm, the pit bull nature comes through loud and clear - her favorite thing in the whole world is to be with her people. She is a world class snuggler, but I think her most endearing habit is to rest her head in your hand. When calm, she will sink her head into your hand and stay there as long as you allow. Even while being bathed in the bathtub, if you present your hand as a chin rest she'll take the proffered support.

Weighing in at 49lbs, Pearla is a stout little lady. Due to her build, high impact athletics, like agility or fly ball aren't really her thing. HOWEVER! Pearla is a FANTASTIC candidate for rally, as she has such great focus on her trainer. Dogs of all breeds, mixed breeds, and backgrounds can participate in rally; are you interested in learning what it's all about with Pearla? Do you want to see her awesome patty cake as she awaits her next move (or her next treat)?

A quiet dog, Pearla had been in my home for two months before I heard her bark for the first time. With her high prey drive, she may be best as a single dog, but she's done well with my male, and the hospital where she spent months regaining her health tells me she did well interacting with other dogs when she was on the clinic's roster. Just like we teach in our Education classes, we evaluate each dog on their own merit, and Pearla's forever family will be evaluated with the same careful assessment.

All our program dogs are special--that's why they were accepted by ARLP. And surely each of the foster homes believes their foster dog is the best, most special companion. So I say with a slanted view, that Pearla is a fantastic little pittie with enormous potential. She has all the right ingredients to develop into a wonderful member of a very lucky family, while also representing how forgiving this breed can be, of the terrible insults thrust upon them by bad humans.

So where are you, Pearla's Forever Family? She is missing you.


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