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Post written by ARLP Alum Albert & Volunteer Laural


Winston Needs a Home!!

Hi all.............Albert here! You may or not know this, but I am adopted. My sister is adopted too! Now we need to find a home for Winston, he needs to be adopted too. Winston spent the weekend at my house while his foster dad was on vacation and he is my new BFF! This is one cool dude, just like me, if I must say. I think that I am going to make it my personal mission to find him a forever home.

Gesh this dog can run fast. I tried really hard to keep up, but there is no way. But he wrestles really good and sometimes he lets me win! He is really funny because he doesn't understand "Albert talk" as my mom puts it. He kinda backs away and looks at me funny, but then he starts playing again so he must understand some! Oh ya, we were wrestling the other day and he play bowed to me and I jumped at him at the same time he stood up and my butt ended up on his back with my back legs over him. My mom laughed really hard, it must have been funny. He likes the flowers in my backyard too - he smells them just like I do! Must be a cool dude thing, right?

Last night my mom was sitting on the floor and I was tired, so I snuggled in her lap for a nap. That Winston came right up to us, schmooshed me out of her lap and sat down. Being the cool dude that I am, I really didn't care much, I just snuggled in next to her. See, he loves to snuggle too, must be a cool dude thing, right?

Oh ya, he let me share a water bowl with him too! Just imagine two adorable pitties drinking out of the same bowl at the same time. Just because we are cool dudes, doesn't mean that we can't be cute too, right?

Now, my point is someone out there adopt him. I guarantee that he gives excellent snuggles and kisses (just ask my mom!).......hey, just like me! Must be a cool dude thing, right?

I have to go nap now.


Okay, now that I am able to get Albert away from the computer, it is my turn to give you the low down on this adorable, huggable, handsome, sweet, loving guy. I am in L.O.V.E. He has excellent house manners and he does give excellent kisses and loves hugs! He walks well on a leash, he waits for his food, he waits at the door to go out and has the very good doggy manners that every good doggie should have! He also has decent recall. He does loves people and kids, but can feel overwhelmed at times, he shakes which is a sure sign he needs some "alone time". He just needs to be removed from the situation and he is just fine. He is good with cats, my big fat cat just laid around (he has thrown in the towel and doesn't even run when a new dog comes into the home any more, different story, different day, we need to get Winston adopted here!) where ever big fat cats lay and Winston would just go past him or sniff him and all was good.

And handsome, this is one handsome pup. All you have to do is look into those deep dark brown eyes and you too will be in love with this boy. It is hard to tell where his eyes begin and his color begins, his eyes and coat are the same color, really dark's love for sure.

So - the bottom line is - ADOPT WINSTON!!! You are on our website, so all you have to do is fill out an adoption application and submitt it. It's pretty easy breezy! As Albert said - he is one cool dude - and anyone who adopts this guy is one lucky dude (or dudette)!!

Laural - Albert's mom


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  1. pibble

    Well, with a face like that, I can’t imagine Winston waiting much longer for his forever home! He’s just adorable!

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