A Moon Haiku

Maggie Moon

Moon moon maggie moon
A family is out there just
Waiting to love you

Well my foster momma says that I have gotten her feeling all poetic so she broke out a haiku in my honor. Not so sure what a haiku is but she tells me it isn't something I can eat so I am not too interested. On the other hand she keeps telling me I am one smart cookie - and I love cookies.

It's been a while since I last blogged - hmm that sounds a lot like dog - dog, blog, fog, hog, ...opps where was I - hee hee foster momma says I am easily distracted! Anyway life has been pretty fantastic lately. Ever since the lovely ladies pulled me off the mean streets I have been livin' the good life with my foster momma and the rest of the gang at that Black Dog Lodge. I have figured out my place in the pack, take lots of walks, wrestle and play with my foster sister, get yummy meals and even yummier treats and I even have this super, fun guy called my training buddy who brings me to a really fun place where I get to practice all of the tricks I am learning. So things are looking up for me.

A few things you should know about me. I learn things really fast and that I love to please my people. I still get really excited around new folks but I am working hard on my manners and to try not to whip them with my tail. It is just so hard - I love meeting new people so much that I can't seem to stop wiggling my cute little polka-dotted butt. Oh I also get excited around new dogs too - but with slow introductions I do just fine. Also I met my first cat and a couple of gerbils recently and it was fantastic - all of us got along just great.

I am a happy-to- know you kind of dog who loves to smile all of the time. I have most of the basics down -house and crate training, sit, down and come. I love to play- fetch, tug, chase - I love it all. With my build and my athletic ability I would love to try my hand at some doggie sports - disc or agility would be sooo fun. Mom says I'm like living with Tigger sometimes - boing, boing, boing - I love to bounce and pounce. If sports aren't your thing that's cool, I would also dig being someones running partner or even take long walks in the park, I'm pretty flexible.....oh and did I say dig - yup I should let you know - I love the dirt!

Anyway don't get me wrong here - while it is great at my foster home - I really would love to meet my forever family. I am still a puppy and these are some pretty fun times. I would like to share them with those ''special someones" my foster mom promises are out there looking for me. I don't know where they are looking - cause I am right here! Hurry up already and come get me - I have a lot of love to share. Anyway she says it is only a matter of time before I melt someones heart. One flash of my pearly whites (and boy oh boy do I love to smile these days) and a glance from my "love me please" eyes make me almost impossible to resist. So I will say it again - hurry up already and come find me! I am hard to miss - I am the beautiful, goofy girl with the huge heart waiting for you .


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