Zoza be Home!

Hey All. Its me, Zoza. I thought I would give ya’ll an update on my situation. Well, a while back I posted about needing a forever home. Good news, my blog post obviously reached the right people cuz I have been adopted!!

Funny story.

My foster momma helped me to post my plight and get the word out I was looking for my forever family. And we waited and we waited and I tried to be patient… Well one day, my foster momma asked my foster dad, “what if?” I pretended not to be listening and feigned disinterest. On their little conversation went.

Foster momma said, “what if Zoza was adopted? Could we live with that?”

Whoa lady, back up that horse- was my response, what did she want, me to be in limbo for the rest of my life? To always be a foster and never have a forever family? Now that didn’t sound fair. But I sat and listened as they continued to discuss something called pros and cons. Then they talked about the f word. The f word? Whatever that is.

Anyways, this conversation started happening about once a week. Then my two legged foster sister showed up and we played and snuggled. One day she told my foster momma that “Zoza is my dog!” Then the f word got talked about every day. The pros, the cons, blah blah blah. Foster momma talked into her little crazy machine that rings- that’s where her sister lives - and they talked and talked-all the time. Did I mention she likes to talk? Well on this continued.

Then one night, while we were all sitting on the couch relaxing she told me. She told me that I wouldn’t have to look for a forever home anymore- that I was going to be adopted! Now I was excited, this was big, BIG news. But I was a little sad, you see, I really love my foster family, they do fun things with me. Training, walks, fetch (or as I like to call it, throw the ball and chase), snuggles and Foster Momma even makes me homemade puppy treats. I snuggled in close to her as she talked to me and my foster daddy and she said that she would be my Momma and I wouldn’t have to call her foster momma anymore. Cuz they failed and I would be with them forever. WHATEVER! How could keeping me forever possibly be a fail? Silly Momma.

Obviously my blog made my Momma start asking herself, as she says, the hard questions. She says that she could not imagine not having me in her life- yeah, I have that affect on people. She said that I fit in and that I am not only awesome with my two legged sister, but great and gentle and everything they could ask for. So to all you peeps out there wondering, I found my forever home. Lara even came out to make it official and Momma ordered me a new collar and I get a license. How cool is that? It feels real nice to be adopted. So for all you pups out there waiting. Be patient, cuz its worth the wait- promise and once you are in your forever home, man is that a sweet feeling.


3 thoughts on “Zoza be Home!

  1. Marshal

    Yippee for you, Zoza! I never got that “failed” thing either; when my foster mama kept me it felt GREAT! What’s so “failing” about that? Looking forward to many years of awesome posts from you and yours.

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