When Fosters Care to Send the Very Best

Foster Mamma Paige and her Charge, Pearla.

Whoever is lucky enough to adopt Pearla will not only get Pearla they will get Pearl a la CGC. Super star foster mom Paige and Pearla have been working really hard on getting that most coveted CGC and tonight it all paid off.

Congratulations to the both of you! I think someone is gonna get some extra long Jolly Ball fun.


8 thoughts on “When Fosters Care to Send the Very Best

  1. Josie

    Dear Pearla, WOAH! I always thought you were pretty cool, and now this. You and your mamma are my heroes. XOXO, Josie

  2. Mike

    Hurray for Pearla and Paige!!

    I know Pearla hasn’t been with Paige for very long. I think it’s a tribute to Paige’s wonderful environment she provides for her charges and the great focus she has with them.

    Paige, congrats, of course you deserve some credit as well!

    Very happy for you both!

  3. Becky

    Congrats Pearla (and Paige)! What a great accomplishment.

    It was fun meeting you both at the Deviant Art Show. Hopefully I’ll see you again!

  4. Catherine Smegal

    Hey, Paige and Pearla! I think this was your lucky day. Maybe you should both go out and get a lottery ticket …
    Best wishes to both of you!

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