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maverick That day in July you could have knocked us over with a feather. You know the day, we have talked about it here quite a bit and remember Minnow? For those of us in rescue you hear "hundreds of pit bulls seized" your heart stops for a moment. Hundreds of pit bulls seized. As the details unfolded we learned that an enormous effort was put forth to orchestrate a simultaneous multi state raid.

In the coming days and weeks we learned that the majority of the dogs were seized in Missouri and Illinois and those dogs were being housed in a secret location, roughly 400 in all. We didn't really think too much about the other states, the other dogs. I mean after all 400 pit bulls is a little hard to avert your attention from.

Then a couple pit bull guardian angels whispered in our ears. There were other casualties of this bust and they needed our help too. Minnow was a bit of a no brainer. We already knew that we wanted to help and were already busy contemplating Missouri and just how to accomplish that. However, the Federal government can move at a snail's pace because even dogfighters deserve their fair shake (I think I just threw up in my mouth a little). There was nothing known about the Missouri dogs, we had an opening and well the next thing I knew I was driving down to Claremore, OK to pick up the little one now known as Minnow.

Then we got another call. Thirty-five dogs. Iowa. Need to be evaluated for possible release into rescue. Federal agents bending over backwards to see that they get a fair chance. Opportunity to work with Bad Rap?

Um, where do we sign up?

To Iowa Rachel and I went and in Iowa we lost our hearts as only one can do when they have slutty banged up pit bulls lapping at their faces. We had to be quiet though and man that was hard.

This past weekend we finally got the news that 12 of our Iowa friends are being released. While hard choices have to be made for most, three little bust beasties will be making their way to Minnesota in the coming week. There are some very excited fosters waiting with open arms and kennels to begin the task of welcoming them into the land of the truly living.

In our gooey eyed happiness for the dogs we are able to help, the hundreds of dogs in a secret special place in Missouri still looms. But they have something that our pit bull friends in Oklahoma, Iowa, Texas & Nebraska didn't have. They are first and forefront in the biggest dog fighting bust in US history headline and by proxy have the attention of the majority of rescues in the country who may be in a position to help. So we are hopeful for them.

It is exhausting work caring for these dogs. The many many volunteers who have traveled across the country to help in Missouri know that. No one, though, traveled to the little satellite locations who may have had so many fewer dogs but were in this thing nonetheless. Their staff have labored and fallen in all sorts of love with their bust dogs too. They have fought for attention to their victims of cruelty. Don't they deserve a happy ending?

That's what we thought too.

Iowa is our neighbor, and like a good neighbor we wanted to help and be there to personally say THANK YOU. In a state riddled with BSL we wanted to provide the chariot to scoop the ones we could save to the pit bull safe haven we call home - Minnesota.

For these three we are thankful we were in the position to help. More to come about them soon, I promise!

To the people in Iowa, what a pleasure it was meeting and working with you - THANK YOU again and again and again.

Thank you Donna & Tim of Bad Rap for taking us along for the ride!

You can read Bad Rap's blogpost about Iowa here.


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