Experience, the Best Therapist it Shall Make

hector_hapWell the fantabulous Yori's have done it again. Not once but twice now Andrew (Roo)  & Clara Yori of Rochester Minnesota have taken dogs who most would want to dismiss as not worth a pile o' beans and shown the world oh how very wrong they could be. Wallace the pit bull and former Vick dog Hector.

Hector recently took his therapy dog test. The tester was so impressed (and dare I say smitten) that she felt compelled to send off a quick shout out to the folks at Bad Rap to sing her praises about the work Roo has done.

Here is what she had to say:

"I am a certified evaluator for Therapy Dogs International. I just wanted to share with you that I tested and certified Hector as a therapy dog this past Tuesday evening. Our tests are very stringent, both with obedience and temperament, but Hector enjoyed every minute of it and passed with flying colors.

I considered it an honor to meet him and be the evaluator to certify him. What an awesome creature with such a gentle, loving and happy soul. His family, Clara and Andrew Yori, are a perfect fit for him in his fur-ever home.

I rarely test a dog that passes with the excellence that Hector did. I consider that a reflection of what your group did for Hector to rehab* him and what his family has done for him with their continued training program. Hector has a bright future as a therapy dog and I know he will bring an enormous amount of comfort and joy to the people he will serve as a therapy dog. Pretty awesome for a dog that came from his background."

Marcia Fritzmeier
Therapy Dogs International
Certified Evaluator #144


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