Winter Knows No Kindness

The blog has been down for about a week. And coming back to take a peek at what I  last posted vs. the events that have transpired over the last week are ironically interesting. Here I am rambling about the inconvenience of my beast’s greed for blankets when there are countless animals left outdoors to face the elements with the very minimal of shelter (if any) and nourishment.

Nothing can make you feel more powerless than knowing there is a dog that is suffering. I know there are animals suffering in this world every day. But when it is in your face it is another matter entirely. Not far from my home there is a very lonely, hungry and cold boy. A friend has taken to calling him Sailor.

Sailor is tied out in the back of a yard. What makes where he is positioned worse is that he is in a place easy to forget about. See his owners made a makeshift kennel between the backs of two garages. He is attached to a crappy cable run. There is plenty of brush to get tangled in too. They also have thrown a plastic travel kennel in there as well. However, from what I saw I would say its a little small. And tell me how the hell you get into it when the stiff cold plastic does nothing but skate across the frozen ground?

I heard about Sailor from a concerned neighbor. Happily I gave her the information that she needed to start the process of having Sailor removed from his unsuitable, and in this weather illegal, conditions. But it is a process. There are laws that have to be followed. procedures, protocol, you get the gist. Conditions have to be very bad for an animal to be confiscated on site. So it can be frustrating and heartbreaking navigating the process.

That is why it is so important for all of us in our communities to report the mistreatment of an animal right away to get that process STARTED. Don't know how to find your local animal control agency? Pop your zip code here. You can really get attention to the situation by also contacting your local humane society report animal cruelty. Additionally, I encourage you to contact your city council members. They are your community elected officials. Let them do their job. They cannot do that unless you let them know what's up.

Just be plain ass nosey for dog's sake! And remember the squeaky wheel gets the oil! Keep at it.

Always remember - you get more bees with honey than vinegar. It is frustrating following all the rules and doing the leg work but please grin and bear it. It is easy to take our frustrations out on those who are in a position to help us. Please remember - this is their job. They live this 24/7. So imagine what you are feeling x 10.

As for Sailor - tonight it should stay right around 31F. This is a heat wave compared to the 20F consecutive nights we have been experiencing as of late. Let's hope he will be out of there soon.

Thank you Sailor's kind neighbor (guardian angel) - for starting the process, bringing him food and water, and showing him that not all humans are ass #$@&*!

As for my beasts? I think I'll let them sleep under the covers tonight.


3 thoughts on “Winter Knows No Kindness

  1. ambj73

    Awww, sweet baby! Yes, THANK YOU Lara and to Sailor’s guardian angel.

    The cruelty of humans never ceases to amaze–and disgust–me. =( Hopefully better days are in store for Sailor in the near future.

  2. Sandra

    I live on the north side of minneapolis, and there seems to be a high need for guardian angels here, the pits and rott’s and more recently german shepards are being abused under fthe premise that they are guarding the back yard, this is America these people have a right to keep dog for protection, and they never planned to have a companion animal and they don’t care if if the dog is happy as a matter of fact they will say, that would be a security issue. this mind set is not going to be disspealed easy, this is many generations of attitude, at work here, both for the people and the dogs, the beauty of the dogs are we can change the temperment of the dog in 2 or 3 generations and it is legal to kill bad dogs but some people are alive simply because it is illegal to kill them. go figure, We need to be careful and be smart because pits could very well be banned into extinction in a few short years if all dog lovers and protectors of of this breed don’t step up the pressure, call the dog police, when these hick minded people get hit in the pocket book enough they usally will fold an surrender the dog, thank god for angels (an the secret dog popo)Sandra

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