Head Hugs

I love head hugs. There is just something about those moments when my beasts meander up to my person, drop their heads, and gently press them into my sternum.  Ike is the best head hugger on the planet.

Looking for images on the internet of head hugs proved to be futile. Plenty of people talk about them but I guess when you have a dog's head pressed into your chest you aren't necessarily in a position to snap a photo.

What I love about the internet is that even if you don't find what you are looking for you will always find something else. Looking for images of head hugs brought me to a website for a Nevada nonprofit called Feeding Pets of the Homeless. I was so moved by the photo (posted above) I wanted to know more about it. One of the things they do is collect pet food and deliver it to food banks and/or soups kitchens which have agreed to distribute the food to the homeless and impoverished.

I needed this tonight. To realize there IS a lot of good in the world. It just doesn't seem like it sometimes. Especially when you hear about internet puppy brokers. Puppies On Wheels is run by Kathy Bauck, a breeder who operates the site out of her Otter Tail County facility called Pick of the Litter. Minnesota's WCCO aired an expose that uncovered Bauck's disgusting practices.

The Companion Animal Protection Society (who it appears have been investigating Kathy since 1997 - probably earlier) is responsible for the footage you will see through the expose link I have provided. And I have to say- to the people who go to work undercover in these situations and endure the horror - I salute you.

We as a society must put an end to puppy mills. There is NOTHING remotely acceptable about keeping mass numbers of animals who do nothing but subsist to churn out puppies for the profit of soul-less ass munchers like Kathy Bauck.

Help shut her down and sign this petition.

Ok - End of rant (for now)

Stumbling upon the Feeding Pets of the Homeless organization reminded me of another story. It is a story about a homeless Hoboken man and his 10 year old pittie Foxy. And while it is a sad story it is chock full of good people.

And because I cannot leave you with sadness I will also give you Vincent the poodle and Angel the pit bull mix.


3 thoughts on “Head Hugs

  1. Meghan

    Lara, awesome post, I am now sobbing in my cubicle, It sounds like this organization is really helping people and dogs on the street

  2. kellie

    Wow, that is a powerful picture and such an awesome organization. You don’t see too many homeless individuals with pets around the twin cities too much, I wonder if that is because it is so cold throughout most of the year?!?!

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