Some People Suck A$$!

Soon to be available for adoption!

Frtiz & Gerhard - respectively

Fritz and Gerhard have come to ARLP via the hood. My hood actually. I love my neighborhood, I really do, but sometimes it is a love hate relationship. Living over North (Minneapolis) animal mistreatment and neglect is slammed in your face on an almost daily basis. So much so that I actually notice when I see behavior to the contrary.

It is difficult to be in rescue and see the isolated tethered dogs of North Minneapolis just hangin' out. There is no sparkle in their eyes. They are bored. Hot or cold. Possibly hungry and thirsty. Always craving the attention of their human - no matter how shitty that human may be. Dogs are like that. They will forgive their people almost anything.

Then there are the dogs on the loose. No collars. Balls a danglin', shriveled teats reaching for the ground or the puppies - just weaned and too expensive to feed.

What really gets my blood boiling are the people with mating pairs of unaltered dogs. Hey! Why not breed 'em and make some cash! That's what Fritz & Gerhard's parents owners were thinkin'. These people take the cake. In addition to the unaltered pair of pits they also had an unaltered pair of Chihuahuas.

So these stellar examples of pet ownership came home to two dogs and 10 puppies rather than 4 dogs and 13 puppies. No worries though. Hey, still got the 10. Certainly they will make something off of those. Rumor I had heard was that they were expecting $500 a piece. Granted the parents are good looking animals but this is backyard breeding here.

Six weeks went by. Main dude slick sold the burliest male pup for $500 to lord only knows who. Next male apparently went for around $300. Granted - this is all hearsay but these yahoos seem to have no problem yuckin' it up to the neighborhood.

Eventually, the missus just couldn't take the damn puppies in the house any longer. It was out to the 4'x6' kennel in the backyard. Most of the interior taken up by a plastic igloo - bless their hears for protecting them from the elements. Age: 6 weeks.

Down to 8 puppies.

Lady slick really starts losin it. She is going mad. Wants the f***ing puppies outta there. Man slick starts soliciting people walking by. 2 puppies were taken. 6 puppies left. A neighbor who has been actively watching the whole torrid affair heard dude man was handing out the pups. Distressed she walks down to their house. She manages to get 2 darling little black females coz "they ain't worth nuthin'". Age: 7 weeks.

4 puppies left.

Losers' grandson takes a female puppy.

3 puppies left.

A little over two more weeks go by. These puppies have got to go. Lady tells neighbor puppies are going to be turned out. You know, someone will take them in. Neighbor is distressed. Calls me. Can ARLP take two puppies about to be turned out onto the street?

What do you do? You say - "I will do what I can."

Rachel and I pick up 2 puppies. Both males. They become Fritz and Gerhard.

1 puppy left.

Parents on tie outs in an unfenced back yard. Mamma is spotting and may be going into early heat. My neighbor asks crazy psycho about the remaining puppy. "Oh we are keeping him. He's rare".

I have not seen the puppy myself but I guess he is partially blue and tan. All I can think about is that he is all alone in an empty igloo. It is cold out tonight.

Fritz and Gerhard are warm. Their temporary foster daddy bought them new collars with pretty tags. They have gone on some walks and laid in the grass. See pics here (bottom of page) and here.

I can only do what I can. I can only do what I can. I can only do what I can.

Today - I hate people.


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