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Sturgis passes first reading of pit bull regulation ordinance

There is still time to act on this one!!!!

Story By: Gary Matthews. Copyright 2008.

STURGIS, S.D. - Sturgis passed first reading last night of an ordinance that will regulate pit bulls within the city.
The approval came after 90 minutes of testimony in which a dozen or so people testified both for and against the plan.
Melissa Foxworth from the Humane Society of the Black Hills says she finds breed specific laws very challenging.

"What I ask is to hold the owner's responsible. I also challenge you to research this law a little more -- perhaps comparing other dogs that can be aggressive like labs or golden retrievers versus a pit bull that is not. Again, I think this comes down to holding the owner's responsible."

But Sturgis Animal Control Officer Kurt Nulle says the plan is warranted because the city is realizing an increase in attacks and complaints with the pit bull breed.

"What I've run into with pit bulls is a lot of blood baths over the years -- and that's exactly what they are. I've seen pit bulls even turn on a litter mate and kill it. We're having more and more instances each year with these dogs getting away from their owners. These owners are responsible, it's just that the dog gets loose as any dog does. It seems like when the pits get loose, they rip stuff up."

If approved at second reading without any changes, the regulation would force pit bull owners to carry liability insurance. Owners must also register their pit bulls with the city and keep them restrained at all times.


You can read more here and here

Ordinances require only two readings in Sturgis.

If you feel compelled to reach out to Sturgis city officials please read our tips for talking about BSL.


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