Bastards in Milwaukee

Dog Fighting Operation Busted

MILWAUKEE – Police have busted a suspected dog fighting operation in Milwaukee. News report video below - pause the video below to hear over the other...

The accused ring leader now faces some serious charges. Steve Blackmon was in court at the Milwaukee County Courthouse Thursday.Police searched his home and say they found several injured dogs, plus evidence of a dog fighting ring. Some of that evidence: dogs with cut up faces, and half a dozen cages and fighting rings.

Investigators say it all points to a dog fighting operation Blackmon named "Grim Reaper Kennels." He allegedly ran the operation out of his basement.

The director at Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control says it's an all too common problem.

“It's certainly grown. It's grown nationwide,” Melanie Sobel said.

Animal Control rescued six adult pit bulls and five puppies. According to the criminal complaint, “at least two of the dogs had heavy scaring and recent injury to the head and front leg areas."

“A lot of times they are brutalized,” Sobel said. Interview with Sobel in video below

Police found the suspected fight ring when they busted Blackmon for allegedly running a drug house.

He also faces drug charges.

Sometimes the dogs will be put up for adoption but unfortunately in this situation all 11 dogs and puppies were euthanized.

Blackmon will be back in court in November.

Animal Control says it’s hard to place these dogs in a good home because they've been trained to fight since they were puppies.


One thought on “Bastards in Milwaukee

  1. kellie

    So, they had to euthenize the puppies due to “it’s hard to place these dogs in a good home because they’ve been trained to fight since they were puppies.” This doesn’t make sense to me, I know Milwaukee has BSL, but pit bulls are not banned, so I don’t see why a rescue could not have taken these dogs. Frustrating.

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