Banned in Sioux City, IA

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Pit Bull Ban Passes

Sep 15, 2008 10:09 PM CDT

Sioux City's Pit Bull ban has passed.

Right now, it is illegal for the people of Sioux City to buy or adopt a new Pit Bull. That is....if they plan to keep living in Sioux City.

Sioux City's not the first city in the nation to ban the breed. But those Sioux City residents who oppose the ban say the councilmen are misinformed about Pit Bulls. They say what breed will Sioux City ban next, German Shepherds? Rottweilers?

However, those in support of the ban say it's all about maintaining safety and security for the people of this city, especially children.

"You can take and make any dog mean. Any dog, the littlest dog you can make it vicious. It's the owners fault. That's who should be punished not the dogs," says a Sioux City resident who opposes the ban.

"Pit Bulls are really the problem. It's not just the owners. It's probably a mix of the owners and the dogs. But the fact of the matter is the dogs are dangerous and that's been proven in the last few weeks here," says Councilman Jim Rixner who supports the ban.

The ban is effective immediately. It applies to all dogs that are more than 50 percent Pit Bull.

However, current Pit Bull owners can keep their dogs as long as they register them within the next 6 months. If they don't the dog will be impounded and most likely put to sleep.

To read the ordinance in detail click here: Ordinance Scroll down to page 133.


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