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With the pbullies and rotties of Minnesota safe and sound from BSL - for now - I haven't kept up much on the rest of the country. So of course I was appalled when I began to do some digging. Just because we are safe here in Minnesota - FOR NOW - it doesn't mean our friends in the rest of the country are. Actually they are finding themselves where we found ourselves last year - the heat of battle.

My heart is heavy for those fighting the good fight. I have started reaching out to rescues in the vicinities of these communities to offer help. ARLP worked hard to compile a lot of useful information and I want to share as much as I can. We cannot deny, when armed with the facts, citizens and legislators see that BSL just doesn't make sense - ethically or fiscally.

Here is a small sampling of what's goin' on out there. Mind you it is merely the tip of the iceburg!


Pit bulls banned from Fort Hood

With a reputation as big and bad as their bites, pit bulls are no longer welcome on Fort Hood.

The dog breed is a source of controversy across the country and post officials decided earlier this month that pit bulls, along with American/Staffordshire Terriers and the crosses of those breeds were banned.


Edinburg -- Pit bulls and their vicious attacks have become a "serious problem" in Hidalgo County, a local judge said earlier this week.

Justice of the Peace Charlie Espinoza said he believes the government needs further control over pit bulls so they cannot attack innocent bystanders or children.

"I would like to get some kind of serious ordinance or legislation or anything we might get," he told the Hidalgo County Commissioners Court on Tuesday.


Brookside - officials are considering an ordinance with constrictions for pit bull owners.


American Falls - City Council proposing new rules on pit bulls are under decision by the City Council, in hopes of cutting down on the number of vicious attacks.


Rantoul – A Rantoul village board member wants to ban pit bulls, Rottweilers and Doberman pinschers from the village and set limits on the number of other dogs residents will be allowed to have.


Grosse Point Park - At its Aug. 25 meeting, members approved a new ordinance that covers both dogs and the people who own them. Designed to give the public safety department the leverage and discretion it needs to deal with dangerous dogs, the ordinance bans any breed commonly referred to as a "pit bull."

You can find out much more by visiting The Monthly National Legislation Report which is published once a month listing available reports of dog and animal legislation in all States and other countries.

In case you are not familiar with the ammo we compiled you can view it by following the links below.

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BSL Informational Packet

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