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Sage, Hootie, New Mamma Holly, Cleo and Daphne (xcuse the blurry photo - Punk and Hootie just couldn't sit still - I mean really - there is just too much playing that needs to be done!)

Well, it is official! Dapne, a.k.a. Punk Rock, has been adopted. Laura and I drove Daphne to her new home in the Brainerd area yesterday in the rain, which was fitting.

I knew that it would be difficult to let her go but actually leaving her with Holly was easy. Daphne will have a rich new life. Holly has plans for Punk to obtain her Canine Good Citizen and Therapy Dog International certification and obedience and agility training. Who knows maybe she will even compete!

So Daphne has three new sisters, a humongous fenced in back yard and a fabulous new mamma. I could not have asked for more.

So now it's time for a small break and then - well - there is another dog out there who needs me. I just haven't met them yet.

Daph's new mamma already sent me a photo!

Thanks Holly!


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I just want to give a much deserved Thank You to Blackberry Veterinary Center

Over the years it is Blackberry who has provided the much needed veterinary care to our program dogs. Services are provided to ARLP at significantly discounted prices. These are costs that Blackberry absorbs. They receive nothing in return but our eternal gratitude.

So if you live near Blackberry and are looking for veterinary services consider paying them a visit. Or refer them to a friend. Either way please be sure to tell them A Rotta Love Plus sent you and thank them for their contribution to our rescue efforts.


~ Daphne before & after ~

Since Daphne will be leaving me this coming Saturday our intake coordinator Paula thought that I might like to have a picture of my Punk when she first came to ARLP. Just looking at the before picture as opposed to more recent photographs I have taken renews my vigor for rescue. Look what a little love, structure and good food can do.

When you are in the midst of fostering it is hard to take stock of the changes that occur gradually over time. So thank you Paula for giving me a fresh glimpse into why I do this.


~ Post by Intake Coordinator Paula ~

I think Paula is in love.

Meet snuggly-bug, engaging and attentive, pocket-pittie Jordan!

Okay, I'm pretty smitten with this guy, I admit it, but you will be too when you meet him. Jordy is approximately 1 year old and tiny, maybe about 30 lbs.

He was brought to St. Paul Animal Control when his owner was arrested. HE IS SWEET! Jordan seems to have bonded pretty quickly to me and was far more interested in following me around and being near me than investigating the outdoor area at animal control. When Laura and I took a break from temperament testing, Jordan would lie down near our feet and chill. He can be a bit shy but in no way shows fear aggression and he warms up quickly.

Getting him into some obedience should increase his confidence and I will bet money he could be very successful in obedience or agility as he seems highly trainable and eager to please.

He needs a bath, a good grooming (and yes to be neutered!) but he's an adorable guy.

Jordan is going to live with Beth, our new foster mama and Julia, her resident pittie.

Thank you Beth & Julia for fostering Jordan!


Well - if all goes well this weekend Daphne will have found her final home. Instead of two foster brothers and a foster sister she will have three sisters of her very own.

I am watching her very closely. I want to remember the details. Her funky mannerisms. The soft delicate kisses. And the incessant manner in which she scoops my hand up off of the mouse when I am sitting at the computer for too long.

I am going to miss waking up in the morning with her face right next to mine. And when I open my eyes first thing her eyes open too, then she wags her tail and snuggles closer.

I am going to miss her deviousness when she doesn't want to come into the house. Even though I wanted to ring her neck many times at 3:30 in the morning!

Sometimes - she hallucinates. I will miss that too. Even though I do not know what it is that she is seeing it is usually worthy of quite a fuss and intense focus. Come to think of it Debbie will do the same thing and so did Bug! Hmmmm Anyone else have a pittie that reacts to what is not there? That you can see anyway...

I will also miss the way Daphne has slowed down when eating. She thoroughly enjoys her meals now. And she will pause, lick her lips, look at me and dig back in. Sometimes her eyes water it is so enjoyable.

She sits so nice and patient for her treats.

She has figured out that yes Chi will play if she is gentle, Debbie will run around the yard but doesn't really care to wrestle and Ike pretty much likes to be left alone.

Oh I will miss my Punk Rock Daphne.

But I know good things await her.

Daphne's soon to be sister Cleo


Joey is available for adoption ~ Can you say suave?

Wow, what a great weekend!

It is amazing what a little sun and a couple of dogs can do to liven up a neighborhood. We bought our first home in September of last year. Snow came quickly and stayed too long. As a result we didn’t do much socializing in the neighborhood.

So this past weekend was a great time to re-introduce ourselves and our animals. Not all of our neighbors know we foster, so we really wanted to introduce people to Joey.

We are in the process of putting up a fence but in the meantime we have a complicated tie out system that allows both dogs to hang outside in the yard at the same time. They loved the warm weather, and put up a big fuss when it was time to come inside. A few neighbors commented on how well behaved they were and noted the lack of barking even though there isn't a fence. Of course, I was pleased as pie to know that our neighbors notice and appreciate our dogs' behavior.

I think it is natural to have some anxiety about how your neighbors respond to your dogs, given the whole vicious pit-bull mystique (wink, wink). It was a relief to know my anxiety was unwarranted.

I did find out, however, that my big black cat, Gill, has been traipsing around the neighborhood taunting the indoor kitties. And he peed in my neighbors garage!

Needless to say Gill has found himself confined to a smaller area for the time being. Here I was worried about how the neighbors would feel about my pit-bull foster and it was my cat that has been causing problems!

Big Bad Gill


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Daphne's new mamma?

After several lengthy telephone conversations regarding my girl Daphne, my Dapher had her first meet 'n greet today. The woman who is interested in Daphne lives up near Brainerd, MN, so we decided to meet half way in St. Cloud. Brit found a wonderful park near the river. It was perfect.

We pulled into the parking lot fifteen minutes early and Holly was already there walking her 4month old pbully puppy "Hootie". (And boy is that one cute puppy.) She was early, big plus - we were pleased. Once Hootie was back in the car we were ready to start the initial meeting. (Dog meetings come second.)

Holly is an experienced person when it comes to the breed. Brit and I were immediately impressed with the manner in which she introduced herself to Daphne. Right from the start it was apparent that this would be a person that would give my Punk the structure that she needs to become the exceptional dog I know she can be. Holly put her to work.

Daphne can be a little insecure and shy so I backed way off to give her time to show Holly what a special girl she is. I don't think Holly needed much convincing of that fact either! Before I knew it it was time for Daph to meet her girls. Yes, girls - plural.

There were three girls Daphne needed to meet to really determine if this union could truly work.

First there was Sage. Sage is a roughly 10 year old pbully mix of some sort (sorry Holly - I can't remember exactly). She is a beautiful caramally brindle girl just as sweet as punch. How could Daphne not take a shine to her? The meeting went beautifully.

Next up was Cleo. Cleo is a Boxer mix of some sort - possibly Pointer. (I kinda think Pointer coz she reminded me of Ike a little) She too, like Sage, is an older gal. And like my Debbie, Sage doesn't go for any funny stuff. So this was the most important meeting. Again, Daphne did great, she just isn't interested in being boss. And I can understand that, being the boss can be stressful. After all if your down for just chillin' side by side Daphne can hang with that.

So I was getting giddy with excitement.

Next Hootie was hauled out which we all knew would be a no brainer. And it was.

Brit, Daphne, Holly & Cleo

All in all it was a good time for all. And it was clear to all of this that this thing could really work and work well at that!

So it is on to the next steps of the adoption process. I will keep you posted!

Thank you Holly, Cleo, Sage & Hootie for taking the time to meet my special girl.

Just a side note: I didn't get sick to my stomach once about the fact Daphne may be leaving me soon! Is that a sign?

More pics from Daphne's Meet 'n Greet (Bottom of Page)


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I sincerely believe that dogs know when we are in pain.

I found out this morning that someone who had been very close to me passed away. It was sudden, unexpected and tragic. After my initial breakdown, as I sat, numb and sick to my stomach, Ike and Debbie slowly approached me. Ike was sullen, Debbie insecure. Ike tends to tap into my neurosis and become depressed and clingy. Debbie likes to try and make me smile. She would not leave me alone. She incessently tried to pry her nose between my hands and my thigh and I kept brushing her away. She would not stop though. And it was gentle, not demanding in any way. It felt as though she were saying, "don't feel sad, I am here. I have enough happiness for both of us. Please just don't be sad".

I took her face into the palms of my hands and looked deeply into her eyes. I looked down at Ike who was lying at my feet. I went to my knees and caressed his deep chest and kissed his nose. I breathed in his old dog scent. And I was able to feel.

I got up - and went about the tasks one does as they prepare to leave the house. Ike and Debbie stayed near by. They watched my every move. In between tasks I caressed each of them.

Daphne and Chi were clueless.

But the dogs, Debbie and Ike, who have been with me through so many things, were there, in their quiet, understanding and majestic way. And sometimes it's just being there that really matters the most.

Director Rachel's Jana is a certified therapy dog