Mmmm Mmmm Bubba!

Laura, Bubba & Paula at Bloomington AC

Okay, okay, so his name is not officially Bubba. Actually he doesn't even have a name. But I like to think of him as a Texan Bronco Bubba. This little guy does the funkiest side-winding s-curve buck skip I have ever seen. But wouldn'cha just leave that up to a pbully to pull off? Bubba is probably 4-5 months old and came to Bloomington Animal Control as a "dog on the loose", wink wink, probably more like a "dog we got sick of". And we all know how I feel 'bout that.

It looks like Bubs may have a touch of Demodex Mange but with the proper care that is pretty easy to eradicate. I actually just discovered a really interesting homeopathic-esque cure. Here are some before and after pics. I even found a way intense natural cure (a lot of work but most likely well worth it) as well.

Back to Bubs. Bubba is still on his 7 day hold. If all goes well ARLP should be able to pull him next week. Paula will then keep him in her home for an additional 24 hour temperment assessment before he goes into foster care. We like to be certain a dog will be a successful candidate for the program. Then, hopefully - for the love of all that is holy, Bubba will get a bath. Then a Blackberry visit. And ultimately a home.

I want to thank Bill Forbes of Bloomington Animal Control for taking the time to visit with us today. If the name sounds familiar, Bill is the expert who testified against BSL during this last legislative stint. And as I mentioned in an earlier post he was instrumental in defeating it.

On an aside and on my own personal soap box: I never cease to be amazed by the underfunding of municipalities' animal control sectors. The Bloomington facility in particular is incredibly outdated. What they really need is a new building. Only two officers person the shelter which is additionally responsible for housing animals for Richfield and Eden Prairie.

Maybe the city of Bloomington should shift its tax focus from expanding the Mall of America to more deserving endeavors. Like our beasts. Who was it that said you can judge a society's compassion by its treatment of its animals? - Mark Twain? Not sure - but you get the point.

"I will do whatever you want - just don't drop me". Paula just loves to pick these guys up for a good temperment testing cuddle!


5 thoughts on “Mmmm Mmmm Bubba!

  1. kellie

    OMG, he is such a cutie! I love that pic of Paula scouping him up…it looks like he liked be cuddled in her arms!!! Awe, look at that face!

  2. kellie

    “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”
    — Mahandas Gandhi (1869-1948)

  3. ambj73

    Aha! I thought it was Gandhi, but I didn’t want to make a fool of myself if I was wrong. đŸ˜‰

    What a handsome boy!

    Sad about Bloomington Animal Control though. =( Hopefully Bubba here has his ticket out at least.

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