Jordan ~ R.I.P. ~

Parvovirus * isn't picky about who it takes.

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Sometimes there are dogs that touch your heart even if you never had the opportunity to meet them in person. Daphne was like that for me. When I saw her frightened hollowed face I knew that I needed to know her. Jordan was one of those dogs too. The moment I saw his photo I knew I had to hold him just once.

I will never have that moment. You see, Jordan contracted Parvovirus.

Parvovirus can manifest quickly. Treatment is costly and not guaranteed. Sometimes, as with Jordan, it is simply too late.

I am thankful that Jordan, fostered by volunteer Beth, was able to enjoy life outside of animal control before he was taken from us. In Beth's home he had the warmth of a soft sofa and the companionship of pbully Jules - who adored him. Jordan, in his last days was able to feel the fresh spring air on his face and the soft green new grass on his back. No more cages, concrete, closed off bays and dim artificial light.

Jordan was cherished, held, kissed, and tussled with. Every dog destined to leave this earth should have the same.

We will miss the pocket sized pittie, as Paula so fondly referred to him.

Vaccinating against Parvovirus is inexpensive. It is a totally preventable virus. If you have a dog please educate yourself about this deadly virus. And please vaccinate your dog - especially if they are exposed to other animals. It is a ruthless and devastating way to die.


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