Henna’s Adopted!

Henna at an adoption day.

Yes, that's right - Henna was adopted!

Foster mamma Amy had this to say about Henna's new digs.

She has a great new mommy and daddy and a nice big back yard to explore. In total Henna style - she started to check out her new house, making herself right at home climbing up the stairs, sniffing candles on the coffee table, trying to eat plants, digging through her toy bag, etc.

She was hesitant about her back yard at first, but after she took some time to survey her "land" from the high perch of the deck, she decided it would do - and she played ball with her new daddy. Such a princess.

Thank you Amy & Larry (as well as Magnum & Ora) for taking such good care of Henna over the past 6 months!

Enjoy your break Amy & Larry! We'll have another foster ready when you are! You guys are awesome!


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