HDnet’s Piece on Bad Rap’s Vick Dogs

It could have been better but what do they know - really? Personally I just love how the new's guy'z tone is so hyperbolized - jeesh. If he simply isn't a dog person than I can understand his discomfort around dogs but if that isn't the case it appears to me he is waiting for one of 'em to snap and lock onto his juggler.

Okay, okay, 'nuff of my crustiness - you watch it and decide for yourself.

Part I

Part II

If you would like to provide feedback to HDNet you can do so here.

Try to be pleasant about any not so pleasant feedback you may have. Afterall they may very well have thought they were doing a wonderful and well balanced piece. If you have good stuff to say encourage them to do more! Like highlight other rescue organizations around the country. Hey - I know, I know, like highlighting organizations that go out into their communities and teach children canine safety with certified therapy dogs that happen to be pit bulls & Rottweilers. Now that's a good story!


One thought on “HDnet’s Piece on Bad Rap’s Vick Dogs

  1. kellie

    Wow, I was waiting for the reporter to say something like, “wow, why is that dog not attacking the child?!”
    I guess we’ve been lucky here in MN that when a reporter has covered a good story involving pit bulls, they have done so in a very respectful and well informed way….

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