At the MAC

I am calling her Dora

Because she is on death's door. Dora is a female pit mix. She is maybe 2 years or so but I am not the best to judge that. Although I usually have a pretty good idea.

Dora came to MAC (Minneapolis Animal Control) 5/24 so her 6 day hold is 'bout up. What is nice about MAC is that they exclude Sundays and holidays from their 6 day hold. Free days if you will. They feel it is unfair to the dog because someone may be looking for them when the facility is closed. This little lady is certainly liked at AC! And I can totally see why. What a sweet girl she is.

The Minneapolis Animal Control facility is beautiful! I wish all municipalities could be so lucky. I was given the full tour by manager John Kilner, thank you John! After the visit I feel much better about the $30 licensing fee I pay the city every year. Per dog! $90 bucks a year folks! In comparison the City of St. Paul charges $11.00 and the City of Bloomington is $17.50.

You know why I feel good about it? When a dog enters MAC they are fully vaccinated, de-wormed and medically treated by a veterinarian if necessary. I am happy to pay that money now, knowing that it is helping my city's beasts. I mean that's what taxes and fees are for - to raise the standards for all. And me? I guess I am willing to pay for that.

Anyway -

The kennels were not very full today. Hearing that and still seeing 8 dogs there did pinch my soul a bit. And all the dogs were pits save two who were Rotts. I guess it isn't uncommon for all the runs to be full. I was glad to hear things have been a bit slow.

I wish I could save them all. Sigh, I know that just isn't possible. But man oh man there was a 5 month old faun colored mangy pitty I fell in love with.

Fosters where are you?????

Dora and the crew need you.


2 thoughts on “At the MAC

  1. veganmarcy

    Did Dora live? Is she with ARLP?? I sent out this notice when it was posted to try and get her and the other dogs some more foster options. Sigh.

  2. Lara

    Post author

    Most likely, and sadly, Dora will be euthanized. Her temperament did not test soundly. When working with a breed that harbors such a negative social connotation it is imperative that we pull only dogs we believe can be ambassadors for the breed.

    Paco the Porter is one of the dogs that we were able to pull. We also pulled a Rottie named Jane and a cute brindle butt we are calling Romeo.

    I deeply appreciate your efforts to find new fosters for us. We are ALWAYS looking. So keep at ’em for us!

    Thanks so much.

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