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A Rotta Love Plus is a small non-profit animal rescue dedicated to the physical and social well being of the Pit Bull and Rottweiler breeds. This blog is a place of celebration and enlightenment about the dogs we love. Here we will write about the goings on of A Rotta Love Plus (ARLP), our program dogs and our own dogs, who always make life a little more interesting. A Rotta Love Plus is an ever growing and changing organization. We are comprised solely of dedicated volunteers who bring a wide spectrum of experience, knowledge and passion to our mission.

Traditionally, ARLP has been focused on the rescue of unwanted or abused and homeless Rottweilers and pit bulls. We have saved hundreds of dogs from euthanasia since our inception in 1997. As life is a journey our focus has expanded. In 2005 a Bite Prevention program was launched and has been met with much interest and success. Over the course of the last year this program has been spotlighted several times on area news broadcasts, here and here.

June of 2007 brought the threat of Breed Specific Legislation to Minnesota and activated ARLP to educate our selves and other dog owners of targeted breeds about the legislative process. Together we have worked to fight the threat of losing our beloved pets in a swift, positive and articulate manner. ARLP has worked with lawmakers at the capital to move comprehensive amendments to Minnesota’s existing dangerous dog laws through the 2008 legislative session. Laws constructed to protect all Minnesotans from dangerous dogs and dangerous dog owners without penalizing good dogs and responsible dog owners. While the legislative session is not quite over, to date things are looking favorable.

We hope that 2008 will bring subsequent growth in all areas of ARLP. The year is already shaping up to be one of new challenges and initiatives. ARLP recently attended the Tri County Humane Conference in St. Cloud. This years keynote speakers were Tim Racer and Donna Reynolds of Bad Rap fame. Recently, Bad Rap was brought into the spotlight for the role they played in the rescue of the Michael Vick dogs in West Virginia. It was a wonderful experience and it was hard to hide our enthusiasm that more of Minnesota’s rescues and humane organizations are interested in the successful rescue and rehoming of pit bulls. ARLP brought 4 pit bulls from St. Paul Animal Control to the event and we are happy to report 2 were inducted into two newly formed programs in St. Cloud and Mankato Minnesota. Catch one of the girls aptly called "Monkey Girl".
And of course we cannot forget the dogs! The reasons we are here in the first place. The ARLP blog will also be a forum for the wonderful dogs we currently have in our program. Each program dog arrives with his or her own story and unique personality. Here we will showcase them and why we love them. And most of all why they deserve the love and safe havens our communities and a new home can provide them. So welcome! And come back often.



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